Not your father's tax software company

Not your father's tax software company

Known almost exclusively for its tax and accounting software offerings, Intuit is expanding into other areas including the enterprise software segments of collaboration and CRM. Two years ago Intuit acquired Turning Mill Software, rebranded the technology, has since gained traction within corporate workgroups and small businesses.

I had lunch earlier this week with Jana Eggers, general manager and director of Intuit's Innovation Lab and QuickBase, to learn a bit more about product and its direction.

QuickBase is a hosted service that combines collaboration, content management, and Web based database features. It can be used for sales force automation, CRM, bug tracking, collaboration, and project and document management. The company is aiming at the enterprise workgroup level, and counts companies like PayPal, US Fleet Insurance, Ventana Medical Systems, and Girl Scouts among its customers.

Intuit is ramping up its messaging about QuickBase, and will come out with news early next year around integration and partnerships as well as new feature development. Future areas of development for the offering include single sign on, more enterprise integration, project archiving, and the capability to save directly to Web drives.

The company finds itself going up against Microsoft's SharePoint often, Eggers said. The difference between the two offerings is that SharePoint is designed to provide a single view into many different types of data, whereas Intuit's QuickBase provides different views of a variety of data types personalized to how each user thinks about or uses the data.  [InfoWorld TechWatch]

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