Broadcast Flag

BTW, Dean breaks the number one rule of the Internet, he takes from the Internet, but doesn't give back. Where is he on the Broadcast Flag and earlier Democrat-sponsored efforts to turn control of the Internet over to the entertainment industry? Has he stood up for free speech on the Internet? What was his position on the Communication Decency Act? Read the last section of my recommendations for Presidential candidates. Imho, it's not enough just to use the Internet to schedule meetings and raise money. The ideal of democracy involves diverse points of view, an informed citizenry, and freedom of speech. I've yet to hear a Dean speech that grabs me this way, but such a speech is not only possible, it's mandatory. Get up in front and tell us why the Internet is great. Dean is in front but sadly he doesn't really know why the Internet is great. The real revolution is still waiting to happen. [Scripting News]

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