NetNewsWire Eddy award

NetNewsWire Eddy award. Sheila and I were so excited when we heard that NetNewsWire had won an Eddy. Imagine us jumping up and down in our little office, with our cat Papa wondering why the monkeys had suddenly gone crazy.

We got the news about a week ago, but then had to wait for the press release to appear before saying anything. But knowing about it made for an extra-nice Thanksgiving.

Huge thanks go to everyone who has supported NetNewsWire by using it, buying it, telling other people about it, sending feedback, making feature requests, and submitting bug reports. You’re what makes the difference between so-so software and Eddy-winning software. So: thank you very much.

Thanks for the Eddy award also go to some people who’ve made direct contributions to NetNewsWire.

Bryan Bell did the application icon (which I adore).

Aaron Swartz wrote the Python script which does HTML differences.

Robert Daeley wrote some of the documentation on using the weblog editor with various publishing systems. []

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