eu constitution

eu constitution. Remember the california recall? Well, here in the netherlands we're about to witness a similar procedure in a referendum. Only this will be about surrendering our dutch constitution to that of the European Union. Think about that for a second if your're a US citizen. Wouldn't that be weird? Perhaps just as weird if you could've surfed to a website to watch the founding fathers actually write the constitution. This scenario is being played out as we speak, as the European constitution is soon to be ratified.

Obviously, not everyone is happy about this change. The dutch digital lawyer writes: “The Dutch are real trade people, they don’t give away easily. And signing the proposed EU Constitution is getting nothing in return, because all the things this EU constitution thinks to organize is organized already in a better way than the proposal proposes.

The information flow to the web from the EU is pretty darned good, no weblogs to be found [yet] of course, but we're working on that 🙂

You can subscribe to updates via email, unfortunately no rss to be found. Hope someone gets that working on [at least] the news page.

This is going to be interesting to follow, especially since I'm not allowed to vote in either the referendum or at the European level as I am a US citizen. [Adam Curry: Adam Curry's Weblog]

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