Unveiling The Wireless Networking Starter Kit, 2nd Edition

Unveiling The Wireless Networking Starter Kit, 2nd Edition. The second edition of my book, The Wireless Networking Starter Kit, is out!: My co-author Adam Engst and I spent three months on this revision, which was originally planned to be a small update to the original 360-page book, but blossomed into 560 pages for the same price: $30 (or about $21 through Amazon.com). The second edition's Web site will launch soon, but the book is shipping now, and features a revised table of contents which offers nearly three dozen chapters and three appendixes, up from 10 chapters in the first edition. We now offer a separate chapter for configuring with Windows XP, Centrino, and Mac OS, and cover using cellular data, Bluetooth, and setting up a software base station. The first book was focused on Wi-Fi; the second edition keeps 802.11a, b, and g at its core, but we spread out to all the wireless topics, such as WiMax, 802.15.3a, ultrawideband, Bluetooth, and others. We even have a chapter on configuring Wireless ISP software, such as that from Boingo, Sprint PCS, and iPass. The goal of this edition was to provide even more nitty-gritty information about getting from about 20 miles per hour up to 70 on the open highway. We'll have excerpts and a downloadable table of contents and index soon. (Note that Amazon.com has the old cover and the wrong page count; that'll be updated soon.)… [Wi-Fi Networking News]

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