Looking for leadership in all the wrong places

Looking for leadership in all the wrong places.

John R. Brandt writes the column Brandt On Leadership for Industry Week. His latest article Come On, Get Happy, is another gem. Brandt says,

It never ceases to amaze how completely the managers and employees of unhappy companies — whether actively failing or merely mired in mediocrity — can convince themselves that their troubles are unique.

Invariably, I'm told that their predicament is due to: difficult market conditions beyond their control; wholesale customer defections based on currency fluctuations or unfair trade; a particularly toxic or strangled culture that prevents change.


Brandt claims all unhappy companies look alike sharing five fingerprints:

  1. A belief that employees are dangerous and lazy.
  2. A conviction that customers cannot be trusted.
  3. A focus on policies, not principles.
  4. An obsession with today, not tomorrow.
  5. Leadership in all the wrong places.

Brandt does a good job elaborating on each of the five fingerprints. Take a look. While you're there, see if you recognize any of those fingerprints for your company or project.
[Reforming Project Management]

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