London Has Wi-Fi Fever

London Has Wi-Fi Fever. Hot zones are popping up everywhere in London: This Guardian story is a very thorough roundup of hot zones and hotspots in London. It notes that a company called MyZones is planning to use gear from Vivato to set up a zone in central Manchester–the company is waiting for Vivato's radios to be licensed for use in the U.K. Broadreach's CEO tells me that over 500 people have registered to use its hot zone, which covers Piccadilly and will reach to Leicester Square next month. Writers for the Register, which reported on the Broadreach network earlier in the month, wondered if wet and chilly weather this time of year might prevent users from getting on the network. Magnus McEwen-King, CEO for Broadreach, isn't sure if racking up 500 users in three weeks is an indication of a good service or good weather. For now, the service is free but Broadreach plans to begin charging in the new year, according to the Guardian article…. [Wi-Fi Networking News]

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