Meeting the woman who runs

Meeting the woman who runs

Coincidence? Last night I went to another user group meeting. This one was for Windows Mobile. Well, I went to the first part of it, at least. But there I met Robin Young. She is responsible for all the sites. “Funny meeting you tonight,” I mumbled. “I just ranted about how I wished all of Microsoft's sites would publish an RSS feed.”

Turns out she's all for it. But. There's always a but, isn't there. The infrastructure that publishes with is like an old dog: it's hard to teach it new tricks.

So, getting features like permalinks and RSS feeds is gonna be difficult. But, at least the execs want to do it. Hey, how about bootstrapping it? Why not start with a site that doesn't have many pages. Doesn't have much history. And make it work on that site. That's why I used the Spot Watch team as an example. That's a new product. Not many users yet. Why not play around with new technology on the spot watch site? Then, as everyone gets comfortable, move more stuff over?

Anyway, it's wacky who you run into at user group meetings.  [The Scobleizer Weblog]

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