Lizard brain surgery

Lizard brain surgery.

This isn't just a Windows phenomenon, of course. Every major software system has, at its core, what Dave Winer likes to call a lizard brain. The roots of Linux reach down through many layers to its lizard brain. Mac OS X archeologists can explore not only that same deep history but also a parallel 15-year NextStep legacy. Every software architect longs for a chance to reorganize — or as they like to say, “refactor” — to a simpler and stronger foundation for new layered abstractions. Few organizations have the resources to maintain and evolve a working system while mercilessly refactoring to produce its successor. Microsoft is among the lucky few. We'll see, in a couple of years, how well Longhorn has exploited that rare opportunity. [Full story at]

The original title of this column was “Lizard brain surgery.” It was problematic because of the Mozilla echo, but I doubt that's why the editors changed it. More likely they thought it too offbeat for the print publication. [Jon's Radio]

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