Loren Heiny challenges me (and Microsoft)

Loren Heiny challenges me (and Microsoft) to do more in the “give and take” of Corporate Relationships by contrasting the recent PDC with an Intel marketing event.

Loren: the PDC was just the start of a multi-year process where we'll equip you with tools to build a vibrant ISV business.

Here's one program: I've been enabled with an “ISV Buddy” program. I can sign you up and adopt you as my ISV buddy. You'll get some goodies if I sign you up. If anyone is interested in having me be their “ISV Buddy” drop me a note at rscoble@microsoft.com — I'll give you the details. The program is designed for everyone from a shop Loren's size to Adobe or Macromedia.  [The Scobleizer Weblog]

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