What Dave is working on sounds like something Dann and I built in 1998 at Gomez.  A shared publishing system where our analysts used a set taxonomy to create “custom” newspages devoted to specific topics.  Of course, we didn't call them weblogs back then, and the format wasn't open to different systems (via standards).  The thinking behind that work was the reason I knew that weblogs were going to be big when I first saw them.  Dave is definitely on the right track with this development.

Of course, the easiest way to boot this up would be for everyone to share the same taxonomy and let a taxonomy “master” manage the process.  Perfect for a “instant” newsroom.

Now, here is a question:  can I have a different taxonomy (one that fits my needs — either more limited, more broad, or organized differently, etc.) and still share specific elements that are shared across taxonomies?  The answer is probably yes, through transclusion…  This in combination with a global directory of shared outline elements, with precise definitions as to what they are this would be great. [John Robb's Weblog]

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