Sputnik Helps Smaller Operators Manage Hot Spots

Sputnik Helps Smaller Operators Manage Hot Spots. Sputnik sends version 2 into orbit: Small and medium size hot spot operators have a new network management tool with Sputnik's platform, which became commercially available yesterday. With Sputnik's server software and access points (APs) that include Sputnik edge software, operators get centralized network management functions with usage analysis, security, AP provisioning, and an end user interface. The software, known as Central Control 2.2, doesn't yet support 802.1X but it does offer classic AAA security. It authenticates and authorizes users who want to get on the network. Also, every 30 seconds, it logs packets sent over the network so an administrator can analyze network use at the AP level. Central Control also includes hooks for functions like billing or an existing AAA security mechanism. For example, if a hotspot provider is also an ISP, it can use an existing billing or authentication platform. Operators that are new to the game can also link to any merchant billing site for credit card processing…. [Wi-Fi Networking News]

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