DBXML Weekend

DBXML Weekend.

I am dedicating this weekend to DBXML.  Early this morning, I saved all of my Radio blog posts (630) into a single RSS file and imported them into a DBXML database using the StAX-based RSS parser I started writing yesterday.  The parser is not ready for public consumption yet, but it's useful enough for me to extract <item> elements and serialize them back into strings so they can be inserted into DBXML.  Boy, it is fast!

A couple of hours later, I am having a blast querying my 'blog database' using XPath.  For example, “/item/title/text()” is all I need to list titles of my blog posts.  Neato.  On my to do lists are writing DBXML taglib for rendering the results from JSP, experimenting with indexes and Berkeley DB triggers to drive cascading network of XML documents stored in DBXML.  And then maybe throw in some recursive dependencies to watch DBXML thrash violently in pain.  Muhahaha!  Definitely a fun weekend.

You think maybe I should take up golf again?  [Don Park's Daily Habit]

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