Worries grow over new voting machines' reliability, security

  • CNN.com – Worries grow over new voting machines' reliability, security. Touchscreen machines not the cure-all some expected

    Doubts about the trustworthiness of electronic voting machines are growing among election officials and computer scientists, complicating efforts to safeguard elections after the presidential stalemate of 2000.

    With just over a year to go before the next presidential race, touchscreen voting machines don't seem like the cure-all some thought they would be. Skeptics fear they'll only produce more problems, from making recounts less reliable to giving computer hackers a chance to sabotage results.

    “I'm deeply concerned about this whole idea of election integrity,” said Warren Slocum, chief election officer in California's San Mateo County. His doubts were so grave that he delayed purchasing new voting machines and is sticking with the old ones for now.  [Privacy Digest]

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