Don't fear failure, and you'll succeed

Don't fear failure, and you'll succeed.

I finally got to read the article in this month’s ABA Journal about lawyers who go out on their own, and the lawyer most prominently featured is none other than one of my best friends, Erik Heels.

Congrats to Erik on the coverage, but more importantly, congrats are due for his success. If you need an IP lawyer, you need to talk to Erik. Period. He’s prolific columnist, and he’s got a great sense of humor to boot.

One of the things that doesn’t explicitly get mentioned in the article is Erik’s discipline; you get a sense of it in reading the article but I think it’s a key to his success. Not>Greg Siskind. Both Erik and Greg took paths that at the time seemed non-obvious. And both have succeeded, without sacrificing their families or their happiness.  [tins ::: Rick Klau's weblog]

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