PC World's Extensive G Testing

PC World's Extensive G Testing. PC World outdoes itself with comprehensive 802.11g round-up: This set of articles from the November 2003 issue, posted several days ago, compares a host of consumer 802.11g equipment, performing lab-based tests — and finding that there's still a lot of compatibility problems even among equipment from the same vendor. They show speed charts, discuss overall issues, and address some side topics quite extensively and well. Less formally, I've found the same thing. Nomenclature varies, sometimes among two devices of similar function. Entering WPA keys is obscure. Installing WPA support tricky (some Centrino models can handle it; some can't). Some Web-based configuration software fails or behaves poorly because of a reliance on JavaScript: I found that ZoneAlarm Pro interferred with the Linksys virtual private network wireless gateway's ability to be configured, for instance…. [Wi-Fi Networking News]

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