Dartmouth's wireless wonderland

Dartmouth's wireless wonderland. Over at VentureBlog, Naval Ravikant wrote up his experience using Dartmouth's amazing wireless network. Wired ran a piece last October about the university's plans to build out a universally-available, open network that encourages both educational use and recreational tinkering, and from Naval's piece, it looks as if it's working. Students are using $50 voice-over-wireless handsets to make all their calls, and developing services based on location (like friend-finders and scheduling systems that send reminders timed according to how long it will take users to get to their next appointment from where they are). It's not too surprising to me that Dartmouth is on the wireless leading edge; I remember visiting my brother at Dartmouth in the late 1980s and being totally knocked-out by BlitzMail, their revolutionary campuswide email (and, effectively, instant messenger) system. Now, they've found another place where technology carries interpersonal communication to the next level, and nothing but good can come of it. [Q Daily News]

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