The beauty of iTunes for Windows is only skin-deep

The beauty of iTunes for Windows is only skin-deep.

As Rob Fahrni pointed out, Apple has released a Windows version of iTunes.  With typical showmanship, Steve Jobs declared that “Hell froze over” and that “iTunes is the best Windows app ever written” because, according to Jobs, it looks and feels exactly like a Mac app.  This sparked my curiosity enough to go and download it from the Apple site.

Well, it's a nice app, but I must say I am a bit disappointed.  It looks like the Mac version as long as you don't click on something.  The menus and dialogs are all Windows 98-style vanilla gray and white.  A quick look with Jeff Richter's Spy++ reveals that, interestingly, the iTunes app doesn't use hardly any child windows, and its embedded browser is not Internet Explorer. Overall, it's a nice media player.  Not bad, but definitely not “insanely great“.  [Live @]

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