What a minute – Royale is not a platform – it hasn't even shipped yet!

What a minute – Royale is not a platform – it hasn't even shipped yet!.

Have I told you how much I love Jeremy Allaire?

All conflicts of interest aside, it seems really strange that Jeremy refers to Royale as a platform, when the venture capital firm he's a partner of – has an investment in Laszlo Systems – which is shipping, has several wins already and is at least 18 months ahead of Royale (Macromedia's Royale knock-off.)

Perhaps this is part of the concentrated effort by Macromedia to put Laszlo out of business.  They're such nice people there at my former company.  Go ask anyone who has worked there.

Thank god the people at Laszlo are mensches, have a great product and have their OWN secret weapon to put Macromedia out of business 🙂  I can't wait to see Norm Meyrowitz squirm when Avalon ships.

Rich clients, browsers and document-centric data.

Jon Udell writes about the continued, important role that open, extensible web browsers play in the Internet applications landscape.

The discussion centers around the apparent mismatch between document-centric web browsing/programming and rich clients such as Macromedia Flash or Microsoft InfoPath.  Like John Dowdell, I think Jon is right about the dominant role that web document-based applications play and will continue to play, though I think the world he's looking for — apps containing XML documents that can be searched, extracted from and manipulated — is also central to new rich client platforms such as Macromedia Central and Royale, and Microsoft's forthcoming Avalon.

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