Load Acrobat Faster…use Flash Paper

Load Acrobat Faster…use Flash Paper.

Russell Beattie has a post today about his quest for getting PDFs to load more quickly, noting as other's have that the footprint of Acrobat 6 is getting larger and larger, with stuff that mostly no one neads for simple digital paper.

A number of people have noted that Flash Paper, Macromedia's new electronic document technology based on SWF and the Flash Player, loads extremely fast, because the Flash Player is so small and nimble.  Here's a good sample of how Flash Paper can be inline in a page, and a full page example with a PDF comparison.

While Flash Paper doesn't offer all the bells and whistles found in Acrobat, such as signed documents, full text search, document workflow, it does offer two simple and important benefits:  universal viewing with 95% of users on all platforms, and the ability to easily include electronic documents inline to a web page, rather than inspite of a webpage.  Others have noted that Flash Paper has a bright future, once the document object is exposed/documented for ActionScript developers, and once the Flash Paper template format is provided so people can custom decorate and integrate these documents into rich Internet applications, taking advantage of the XML, web services, forms/components, and real-time communications APIs that could bring such documents to life.  [Jeremy Allaire's Radio]

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