10 years

10 years. If you'd told me 10 years ago that 10 years from now not only would Darin and I still be together but we'd have two kids and have moved from the Bay Area to Los Angeles and back again and done whatever else it is we've done in 10 years I'd have said,

“Hey, don't bother me now, it's time to cut that delicious chocolate wedding cake!”

(Chocolate raspberry, to be exact. Chocolate frosting too. Man, we've got to get a cake from that bakery again. Katrina Rozelle. It was in Oakland near Berkeley—or was it in Berkeley?—and that cake rocked. My personal rec: make a wedding cake tasting appointment, bring a friend to play your intended, go in, indulge. Trust me: it's worth the stain to your immortal soul to lie. And if you're actually getting married or committed? (Yes, I know: ha.) Forget the fancy Hawaiian vacation; just put all the money into this cake. Trust me.)  [Nobody Knows Anything]

Couldn't resist a posting about chocolate cake!

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