Blogging as an income source

Blogging as an income source. If you're interested in starting a topic-specific weblog, and more interested in figuring out how you could make it worth the time and effort it would take to generate something half decent, you might want to read Matt Haughey's latest essay, Blogging for Dollars. It's a reasoned look at using Adsense (Google's text ad service) to provide both an income source to a site's authors and a collection of relevant paid ads to a site's readers, and at the end, Matt offers tips for making a site more likely to generate revenue through the Adsense model. Matt may have been the first person to roll out text-based ads on a personal site scale, so it should come as no surprise that he's put a lot of thought into the small site advertising model; it's nice to see that knowledge shared so openly, all with the hope of developing more niche weblogs which contribute to the collective knowledge of Internet users while making it worthwhile for their authors. [Q Daily News]

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