Scoble hangs out with David Temkin of Laszlo

Scoble hangs out with David Temkin of Laszlo.

I've been trying to get David Temkin to start blogging for a while now.

Hopefully if he starts to see results from me, Scoble and Sarah blogging about Laszlo – that'll tip the scale towards him finding the time.  I think he could easily become one of the leading A-list bloggers….

Anyway – it's great to see Scoble grokking Laszlo.  Wait till you see what's coming…..

Here's Robert's post…..

On Saturday Maryam and I were honored to meet David Temkin, CTO of Laszlo Systems. It was an informal meeting, just something fun I try to do with people I respect. (Translation: I'll meet anyone interesting who invites me).

A little story first. A month ago Maryam and I were getting our new house repainted. She was looking for color ideas and Tena Carter told her “check out Behr's new color picker.”

Let me tell ya, that little color picker made Maryam's heart warm and she was interested to know that David and team had done that for Behr. Now you know what to blame for the goofy pinkish color in our bathroom.

Anyway, David painted a rather interesting vision of the future of the Web. Laszlo's system is an interesting one and joins Java, XML, and Flash together to deliver compelling, interactive Web services.

Laszlo is something I'm keeping my eye on. Oh, yeah, and Laszlo is coming to the PDC as well. I really wanna hear what they think about all the new stuff in Longhorn.

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