Ray Ozzie

Ray Ozzie hints that Groove is going to do something interesting with Web Services that will be very hot.  Any speculation?  My guess that the work being done is to integrate a Groove client with sources of corporate data that can be then shared across a Groove connection (other than simple documents).  Think of it this way.  I have a team of people I routinely work with via Groove.  I would like to share sales data for a given product or customer with those people but there isn't an easy way to do it (it's locked in a different application).  A connection to the sales tool that allows me to use Groove to acquire that data (generate reports) and then easily share it with my team would be ideal.  Now if I use Groove to autogenerate that report every day, the whole team could then get up to date data via secure Groove synchronization. [John Robb's Weblog]

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