Dirty little IT secret #2

Dirty little IT secret #2.

Another response to my recent column, this one from a person I'll call “Bedeviled in the Basement”:

First off, let me say I'm happy to have read your article.  Now I know that my company isn't the only one who has Daily Prayer listed as one of our security measures for our network.  My list of dirty secrets could be it's own article, so I'll just pick one of the best.  I'm the head of techsupport, and play a major role in engineering for a major ISP.  Currently, our server room is in the basement of an old bank, which has no ventilation OR air conditioning system, our DNS servers are running on Pentium 1 desktop PCs, our main firewall is run on a Pentium II HP Pavillion, and the rest of our servers sit on your average everyday folding table.  This table is an upgrade, as the previous table they sat on collapsed one day.  At least your server room has SOME sort of fire supression system!

Oh my.  [Chad Dickerson]

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