Is Democracy Broken?

Is Democracy Broken?. Should it really cost $200 million to run for President? At what point does the fundraising mean more than the ideas?

There's been a huge shift in the way the Internet has affected marketing of all types, and now, for the first time, we're seeing it have an impact on politics. Howard Dean (intentionally or not) ended up leveraging the power of the Net to create a commanding headstart in the Democratic primaries.

What if the idea goes a step farther? We've already seen the affect a stock market like simulation can have on polling (the Iowa markets are more accurate than most polls most years). Imagine taking the idea but broadening it into almost a meta-poll…

I think the ideas in have legs (Disclosure–I helped brainstorm some of these ideas). In a world where everyone is instantly connected (for free) to anyone they wish to pay attention to, I can't help but think that the money means a lot less. It already does in the real world. Now we'll get to see if it matters in politics, too.  [Fast Company Now]

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