Firms still leave security to chance

  • – Firms still leave security to chance.

    “More than 50 per cent of our customers do not have even the most basic of firewalls in place…”

    Too many companies are still leaving the security of their websites to chance – adopting an 'it couldn't happen to us' attitude rather than implementing robust security on their site and servers.

    PSINet Europe and Pan Security International (PanSec) conducted research which revealed the risks that companies are running by failing to protect themselves online.

    Yet despite this the companies claim hundreds of thousands of firms are still leaving their websites open to attack.

    The companies set up two 'dummy' websites resembling European banking sites. One site was left unprotected while the other was equipped with a standard firewall, and the number of hacker attacks each faced over an eight-week period was monitored and compared.

    The research showed that the unprotected server was attacked 19,128 times, nearly ten times more frequently than the one protected by a firewall, which was attacked 1,672 times over the two months.

    However, while this research shows that a firewall significantly reduces the risk of hacker attacks, more than one third of the attacks aimed at the secure site were classified as serious 'high risk' threats – theoretically carrying the potential to bring the system crashing down.

    This means that even an effective firewall is still a ticking timebomb if poorly configured, vulnerable the second an as-yet undiscovered flaw is exposed. This should highlight to system administrators and IT managers the need to remain up to date with patching.  [Privacy Digest]

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