Boston-Logan: Wi-Fi This Year

Boston-Logan: Wi-Fi This Year. Massport says service to start by end of year: Boston-Logan airport will have Terminal E equipped with Wi-Fi by year's end, and B, C, and D by next summer. (Terminal A is being rebuilt; it re-opens in 2005.) The daily cost should be $6 to $7, but thankfully they're already talking about working with aggregation. The two companies building the network are Electronic Media Systems, Inc., and TWI Interactive. I believe EMS was already unwiring Terminal E under a separate arrangement. I spoke to many hot spot infrastructure builders after the request for proposal was issued earlier this year by Boston-Logan, and they thought the cost structure was untenable, despite the 22 million passengers who pass through the airport each year. The main issue was that the RFP required the contractor to build out the entire infrastructure: power, Ethernet, equipment, etc., not just a Wi-Fi network. Some firms estimated that 2/3rds of the cost of the RFP would be just putting an Ethernet ring in. [via TechDirt]… [Wi-Fi Networking News]

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