Why Mac's are more secure than Windows computers

Why Mac's are more secure than Windows computers.

David Pogue in the N.Y. Times addresses this misconception: “Mac OS X and Linux are virus-free because they offer virus writers a much smaller “audience” than Windows — a notion that’s been much repeated in the press, most recently last week’s BusinessWeek cover story. That, as it turns out, is a myth, no matter who repeats it. There’s a much bigger reason virus writers don’t like Mac OS X and Linux.”

The article goes on to explain that another reason why virus writers don't attack Apple computers is that Mac OS X is inherently more secure than Windows. If I hadn't recently started using OS X in my personal laptop I wouldn't completely believe what Pogue is saying about Apple computers being more inherently secure. But, after a month of watching how Mac OS X operates I can say that it is clearly more secure. Nothing gets installed in my Apple computer without me entering a password, which prevents anyone from writing a program that automatically installs things on my computer (and certainly not without me noticing that an attempted installation is taking place). Gee, what a brilliant idea. I wonder why Microsoft hasn't thought of it?  [Ernie The Attorney]

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