New Goodies from Speakeasy

New Goodies from Speakeasy. Speakeasy is always raising the bar on Internet services: Its newest set of services includes a $49 deal that gets you all the Wi-Fi gear and support you need to get set up at home. For a short time a while back Speakeasy was giving away the gear for new customers, but that was a shortlived promotion. Speakeasy is also offering what it calls personal technology assistant which means you can talk to the same help desk person when you have a problem, instead of explaining your situation over and over to a new person each time you call. The ISP also decided to automatically double upload speeds for most customers. Speakeasy tends to cater to serious bandwidth users like gamers for whom upload speeds are as important as download. Speakeasy Networks remains one of the only ISPs, and certainly the only well-known national ISP, that allows unlimited bandwidth at no additional charge coupled with unlimited sharing of network connections with neighbors and customers…. [Wi-Fi Networking News]

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