“Darknets” Offer Privacy to P2P Net

“Darknets” Offer Privacy to P2P Net. File-sharers are turning to “darknets” to stay away from prying eyes, says Business Week Online in “The Underground Internet” (September 15, 2003). Sources of technology include Freenet, Waste, BadBlue and Groove.

“Darknet” software is made to enable small groups of trusted individuals to quickly set up and take down secure networks on the infrastructure of the public Internet. The article says large corporations are using darknets to communicate and share information with partners in a channel more secure than their corporate intranets. Another potential use is for swapping of content, including unauthorized copies of copyrighted materials. There are a variety of “flavors” of darknet technology.

The entertainment industry is not worried about darknets yet, according to Randy Saaf of MediaDefender, Inc., who told Business Week: “If they are using private networks, there is very little risk of being caught, but there is very little risk of them really doing much harm to the entertainment companies.”  … [Unintended Consequences]

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