The future and past of Apple

The future and past of Apple.

Ex-Apple Employee Slams Company. In an online forum, a former Apple marketing director lashes out at co-workers for creating a 'diseased and dysfunctional' culture, which he says led to the company's downfall. By Leander Kahney. [Wired News]

It's great to see this sort of chutzpah and courage.  Most of us “insiders” have our own dirty stories to tell about Apple, but will never go public.   I'm sure Michael Mace (who I never had dealings with) had his own reasons for posting this lambastic story – but it's all true.  And even more so that he states.

The history of Apple – is the history of defeat.  It's brand needs to morph and build a news base – based around the concept of digital lifestyle agregation and open standards.  That's where things are headed.  [Marc's Voice]

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