I can't take the whole Trustworthy Computing thing serious at this point

Christoph Schittko: “I can't take the whole Trustworthy Computing thing serious at this point.”

Believe me, it ain't fun to work at Microsoft when we continually have bugs found in our products. It's the discussion at every lunch and every meeting I've been in lately.

Are we working on answers? Yes (with more to come).

50+ million lines of code, some of which was written more than a decade ago. I remember using 386's about a decade ago in Fawcette's first offices. They were never attached to the Internet. We didn't have email. No Web. I'm sure that guys who were writing code back then had no idea their code would be permanently connected to everyone else's computers and that criminals would try to break into their computers.

Not to mention, most people who used computers back then were geeks. My mom didn't have one. My dad had one, but he's a geek. A computer on every desk and in every home was a dream, even as late as 1993.

That said, no excuses. We've gotta fix this so everyone trusts their computers (including me). I hear Dave Cutler himself is working on this issue.

That said, if every computer were protected using the steps found here, we'd make it a lot harder for criminals to do damage to our computers and our economic system.  [The Scobleizer Weblog]

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