Dreamweaver Without Sites

Dreamweaver Without Sites. One of the Dreamweaver “features” that us CFers complained loudly about was the need to define a site to be able to do anything. Unlike ColdFusion Studio which allowed you to browse an FTP or RDS connection for files, Dreamweaver required that a local site be created and that edits be made locally and then uploaded to the server (not a bad process in truth, but still one that gets in the way at times). Dreamweaver MX 2004 solves this problem. It's a little buried, but … Go to the Manage Sites dialog and click New. You'll be prompted for “Site” or “FTP & RDS Server”. Select the second option, fill in the form, and save the server definition. You'll now be able to select that server and edit files directly over FTP and RDS, just as you could in ColdFusion Studio. [Ben Forta's Blog]

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