Boosting your WiFi

Boosting your WiFi. Now that Shannon is going to stay in Boston (did we mention that Shannon took a job in Boston?), we're planning on turning the room at the back of the apartment into her study and crafts room. And rather than stringing a cat 6 cable all the way from there to the front of the apartment (where the T1 comes in), we've decided to do the wireless thing for her computer. Unfortunately, this is an old house, with plaster and lathe walls, so the WiFi signal really starts to wheeze a bit back there. I started researching stronger antennas, and eventually settled on a HyperGain 8 dBi Range Extender. Of course, in between I found a ton of confusing information and terminology. It took a bit of hunting around, but I finally found a few good references, and now I present them for you:

Now, the next step is to get all of Shannon's stuff out of storage in South Jersey… [Q Daily News]

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