The President's short sighted military model.

The President's short sighted military model.. In a revealing article, U.S. Pressed to Interdict Afghan Drugs, by Matthew Pennington, about opium and lack of stability in Afghanistan, the short-sighted Bush military plan to save the world, is implicated.

The failure of the U.S. led military approach to regime change is very simply that it fails to include in its plans for the aftermath of war, such crucial factors as economics, social and cultural values, and infrastructure needed to maintain the regime change the U.S. sought in the first place. Long after the war in Afghanistan is over, President Bush is still holding American troops there in harm's way, fighting the very Taliban and al Qaida forces he sought to rout. As long as the poppy trade is a cornerstone of economic survival throughout Afghanistan outside Kabul, there will be no end to conflict in Afghanistan or secure and stable regime change. And there will be no end to the drain on American tax dollars or loss of American life and limb in Afghanistan.   [Democrats WatchBlog]

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