People care about the economy?

People care about the economy?. It's amazing to think, but the citizens actually care more about putting food on the table than hunting terrorists in Iraq. Would you rather feed your family or see that Saddam's is obliterated? I'm betting you'd choose your family. Bush's recent tax cut isn't producing the desired results as we now see 69,000 jobs a month disappear under the current administration. I don't care if you're a Republican or a Democrat, you have to admit the numbers, when compared to every other President since Truman, are staggering. Even his father managed to put over 50,000 jobs a month into the economy.

With a large exodus of manufacturing jobs, thanks largely to NAFTA under Clinton and now white collar jobs heading to India and Russia, what are we to do? Maybe our short-term memories will finally serve us well this next election by choosing an administration that cares about the economy and those who are losing their jobs and not the current one who cares only about pushing a neo-patriotic agenda.  [Third Party WatchBlog]

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