Ted Nelson at Hypertext 2003

Ted Nelson at Hypertext 2003.

Ted Nelson @ Hypertext 2003. Here in Nottingham at Hypertext '03.  Ted Nelson is up to talk about the computer science's obsession with emulating paper and hierarchies.

  • “you should only have to type in a thing once” — easy record keeping, nothing lost
  • Driven by overlapping categories. How to represent variations on bull fighting (mex, span, mycean)?
  • Why can't you trasnclude texts like images in www? But you can with external script files and document.write.
  • And the payoff, http://vlit.mozdev.org – a mozilla based attempt to enable arbitrary content level linking.
  • transclusion is every santa claus at xmas times sharing knowledge


I've always had a soft spot for Ted.  I'd love to see him speak.  [Curiouser and curiouser!]

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