Postwar Deaths Exceed Wartime Casualties

Postwar Deaths Exceed Wartime Casualties. With the death of a soldier in a roadside bombing on Tuesday, the postwar casualty number in Iraq now exceeds the wartime casualties. The sad thing is that the soldiers no longer get the touching eulogies on the news they did during the war. Does W. still call each family to express his condolances? Since the end of combat on May 1, the brave soldiers dying daily in Iraq have become little more than statistics. At least gives them some acknowledgement.

Would the public perception of the conflict in Iraq be any different if we still learned the names of the latest casualties every day? Saw photos of them in uniform on the wall of heroes. If we saw their grieving mothers, their orphaned children on the evening news each night. The democrats are increasinly critical of the Bush administration's Iraq policy, but how much does middle America follow the events in the Middle East?

Is the reduced coverage of the war casualties as people the fault of the Bush administration, the media or both? Is the Bush administration hiding the bodies by bringing them home on commerical flights that bypass the Andrews Air Force base ceremonies, or is it simply that the 24/7 news media is currently more infatuated with Kobe Brynt and the California recall election?  [Democrats WatchBlog]

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