Philosophy of Yes

Philosophy of Yes. I liked Mena Trott’s post on NetNewsWire and some other thoughts—particularly the description of Six Apart’s “Philosophy of Yes”:

For the most part, we try to accommodate what our users want and have a hard time saying no to features. We support a number of protocols and formats because we feel it is important to err on the side of mass support. From day one of Movable Type to day one of TypePad, we have provided not just an import mechanism but also an export mechanism. We never wanted to hold content hostage in order to guarantee tool lock-in.

I recognized this immediately as the same philosophy Sheila and I have at Ranchero. And I think maybe it’s a necessary condition for the success of any software company.

Anyway, speaking of Six Apart… TypePad was added as a publishing tool choice in NetNewsWire 1.0.4b3. I was pleased by how easy this was to do: I just added it to the popup menu and told NetNewsWire that it works exactly like Movable Type. Piece of cake. []

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