Texting Teens Sink Flix

Texting Teens Sink Flix.

According to this story in The Independent, texting teenagers have taken a bite out of this summer's movie blockbuster revenues.

(Thanks, Ashley!)

In Hollywood, 2003 is rapidly becoming known as the year of the failed blockbuster, and the industry now thinks it knows why.

No, the executives are not blaming such bombs as The Hulk ,Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle or Gigli on poor quality, lack of originality, or general failure to entertain. There's absolutely nothing new about that.

The problem, they say, is teenagers who instant message their friends with their verdict on new films – sometimes while they are still in the cinema watching – and so scuppering carefully crafted marketing campaigns designed to lure audiences out to a big movie on its opening weekend. [Smart Mobs]

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