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Check our WWWW.  Paolo on Dan Gillmor.

Dan Gillmor on RSS.

Dan Gillmor: One problem with the current crop of newsreaders is a sign of their youth. They assign equal weight to everything they display. So the headlines and text from Joe's Weblog get roughly the same display treatment as material from, say, the New York Times.

This is exactly what we are working on at the moment within K-collector. What we are trying to achieve is ranking based on topics. Most of the times is not only about who is writing something but about who's writing on some specific topic. I might find very interesting what somebody writes about technology but not, for example, about politics.

Thanks to topics embedded into RSS feeds via ENT, we have the basic necessary pieces. Now the challange is to make it useful and easy: a lot of people are not using filters to organize their email, so we can't expect them to have to set up complex filters to organize their feeds, it must be easy.

BTW: if you haven't visited our w4 beta site recently, you will find some interesting news. I especially like the new floating window in the topic view and the classifications pages organization. It definetly helps understanding where we are going. [Paolo Valdemarin: Paolo's Weblog] [Marc's Voice]

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