Nice Brew But No Wi-Fi Clue at Local Coffeehouses

Nice Brew But No Wi-Fi Clue at Local Coffeehouses. Last Saturday when Monique and I were running errands (okay she was running them and I was driving the car) we stopped into a little strip mall. She went to get some invitations for a party and I, as always, went reconnoitering for Wi-Fi. I breezed into a local coffee franchise called CC's Coffee.

The two employees had heard something about the place having Wi-Fi. But they were largely at a loss to answer any questions other than they “seemed to think” that the place had wireless Internet. I've learned that many tech-unsavvy people seem to confuse “broadband” internet with “wireless” internet so I wasn't convinced.

But then I saw a blue Netgear 802.11b access point on the wall with its little lights happily blinking away, so maybe there really was Wi-Fi. (Earlier tests at home suggested that the Kensington is not very reliable and this confirmed its worthlessness).

I fired up the trusty Apple Powerbook and sniffed a signal with the bland SSID “Wireless”. Bingo! So there was Wi-Fi to be had there.

The first thing I did was google “CC's coffee New Orleans” to find their website to see what sort of online efforts they had made to publicize their wireless access. I found this page, which supposedly lists all the locations in New Orleans. Interestingly, the very location that I was sitting in wasn't even listed. According to the website, it didn't even exist.  [Ernie The Attorney]

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