Why yah wanna learn CSS

Why yah wanna learn CSS.

Zeldman's WDW2003 Keynote (see post) includes a slide that points to one of the awesome CSS Zen Garden designs. I haven't checked back in a while, but there are some real doozies. Favorites so far:

I haven't really done much visual design work in the past year or two, and probably won't be having much time in the near future, with work, classes, and projects piled (and piling), but still quite inspirational (and humbling). I'm tempted to try my hand at this when I need to procrastinate blow off some steam… but it'd probably be rather embarrassing.  [random($foo)]

THis is a GREAT project to help educate people about CSS.  On-going and kick-ass.  Thanks Leonard! [Marc's Voice]

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