SitePoint: Exploring the Limits of CSS

SitePoint: Exploring the Limits of CSS. For better or worse, the vogue of Web design has evolved to favour a layout similar in style to a newspaper. Common design elements include:

  • a header and footer that each spans the page horizontally content constrained by page width
  • vertical scrolling is acceptable, within reason
  • navigation and secondary content in vertical columns next to the main content

That last one is the real kicker. The sad reality is that the current CSS specificaton (CSS2) was not designed with multiple columns of content in mind. As a result, just as Web designers have always had to abuse HTML tables to achieve complex page layout, they must now abuse CSS positioning to achieve those same ends. — Kevin Yank

I have noticed a marked improvement in the quality of articles at SitePoint. Keep up the good work, Kevin.  [PHP Everywhere]

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