Seattle Times (thanks Rajesh).  Introducing the Tango.  Electric.  Top speed of 130 mph.  0-60 mph in 4 seconds.  80 mi per charge.  3 hr recharge.  Mass produced at ~$20k.

Engineers and executives at GM's Research and Technology Division, ecstatic when they first saw the Tango, tentatively offered parts at cost, distribution through a GM dealer network and $5 million to get started, pending a solid business plan and market survey. Backing the Tango could have given GM credits under a California state law requiring 10 percent of cars sold by major automakers to meet zero-emission standards. But they rescinded the offer this past spring. GM's lawyers are suing California over the 10 percent rule.  

The three things that are exciting about this vehicle are:  1) 3-4x angled parking spaces in place of parallel parking for a single normal size car (that is attractive), 2) more flexible parking at home (a single car garage would do for 2 Tangos), and 3) 2x lanes on major highways (although the benefit of that would be years and years away and would require wide adoption — I wonder if a portion of breakdown lanes could be converted).  A major problem with all electric cars (and laptops) like this one is battery life.  80 mi isn't a long distance.  Another great idea that probably won't see the light of day despite the benefits. [John Robb's Weblog]

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