Laszlo Blogging Widgets – coming soon….

Laszlo Blogging Widgets – coming soon…..

Laszlo Blogging Widget

Last month I did a code sprint on a blogging aggregator written in LZX. You can see the results at There's a screenshot on this page.

The aggregator was based on a suggestion by Marc Canter. It's a widget intended for the gutter of a blog. Like a blogroll, it displays a list of blog titles. Like a full-page aggregator, it displays the last few items within each blog. And since it's a Laszlo application, it can be driven by an XML feed, and animates smoothly between visual states.

What Next?

Marc and Sarah Allen are collaborating on a more complete version, that includes more features and an industrial strength back end. (My aggregator only works with valid XML feeds. In the real world, this isn't something you can count on.) My goal with the prototype was to evaluate our current product as a development platform, by putting together something simple yet functional, and attractive enough to be at home on a well-designed web page.

[Oliver Steele]

Oliver is one of the principle architects behind Laszlo.  He's based in Boston – making Laszlo Systems a 'bi-coastal' startup.

It's true – me and Sarah Allen have been working together.  And NO – we don't exchange Bud Colligan or Norm Meyrowitz stories!

[Marc's Voice]

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