Assessing Radio, Moving To Movable Type

Assessing Radio, Moving To Movable Type.

It looks like I've cleaned up the worst of the latest round of Radio malfunctioning. Radio has many powerful features and an enthusiastic user community. Further, it is very easy to get a simple Radio blog up and running. All to the good. On the flip side:

  1. Troubleshooting problems can be very difficult, and my experience with Radio support has been mixed at best.
  2. Radio also has many minor annoying idiosyncracies, like its tendency to publish something that is only a draft to be “posted” until ready, its strange tendency to randomly insert “non-breaking spaces” in postings, and its confusing use of nonstandard terminology “Upstreaming” sounds less like an FTP function than something done by salmon.
  3. My biggest frustration with Radio has been its clumsy support for blog posting when you are away from your locally installed copy of Radio. There are ways to do it, but I haven't found them completely satisfactory.

In any event, I'll be moving this blog to the Movable Type platform soon. My new eLawyering blog already uses it.


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