Dreaming of WorldCat APIs

Dreaming of WorldCat APIs.

bibliographic info and MTAmazon

“In response to my post on using MT plugins to include and display bibliographic information in my booklist, Dp writes to ask if I've tried using MTAmazon to automate the inclusion of most of that information that I currently add via manual entry. I haven't yet, though it's on my list to play with. The interesting thing is that with something like MTAmazon, I could also link outwards based on some of the information garnered. I do think it'd be pretty cool useful to be able to link out to a list of an author's other works, for example. My only problem, and don't get me wrong because I love it generally, is that I don't think Amazon's database is either complete enough or authoratative (or even with an authority file equivalent) to put to such a use. And so I'm wary of extending the booklist out with possibly misleading information.

But if someone ever put together an MTWorldCat, I would be so all over that.” [rawbrick.net]

Paging OCLC, hee-uge opportunities awaiting you on line 1.  [The Shifted Librarian]

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