Using RSS 2.0 and RDF together

Using RSS 2.0 and RDF together. I've been working on a series of issue analyses for the RSS 2.0 site. One of the questions I've been wanting to explore is whether RDF might be used in conjunction with RSS 2.0, and if so how. Today, in the comments section of the site, Dan Brickley pointed me to the example I've been looking for. He writes:

This week, a new 'RSS and jobs' site is getting some interest. There is a similiar effort at (eg. see and an old example scenario that Libby and I worked on at

I hope we all agree that such applications are an exciting part of the future of RSS and RSS-like technology. To my mind, the big question is, how can we partition the work so that we have a Web of complementary namespaces which fit together to give us better descriptions in our XML feeds.

Looking at the feeds currently served by, all the structure is hidden, entity escaped, inside the 'description' tag. Date, job title, employer, location, blurb… all crushed into a single field.

Suppose you wanted to do an RSS 2.0 feed that would expose those job fields as first-class XML. And suppose further that you wanted to express the job data in terms of RDF. What might that look like? [Jon's Radio]

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